We want to star by saying a big THANK YOU to all those that have donated their time, effort, items and finances!

We have recently received donations through our new ‘Just Giving’ page so thank you for that also.¬†Here is a link to the page if you wish to have a look and possibly donate and be a part of making what we do possible.¬†


Gateway North East is a charity that provides services at subsidised costs so that children and young people from all backgrounds can take part in our activities and services. Due to the nature of what we do, we rely heavily on funding and donations made by the general public to ensure that the children and young people can continue to benefit from the wide range of services we provide.

Donations no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.


Please read this appeal letter from our CEO:

Dear Parents and Supporters,

Gateway North East is a charity that relies upon the generosity of people, companies and groups who are willing to fundraise on our behalf, as well as organisations that are willing to sponsor or give funding to us. Many of those working and volunteering are people who are carers themselves or have a disability and have had experience of the difficulties that parents of children with a disability face, especially financially, and are deeply invested in this cause.


We try as much as possible to respond to peoples needs and we never turn anyone away on the basis of finance, however this puts a lot of pressure on the group to find funding to support our activities. To ensure that we can run holiday schemes, in every school holiday and to run our small steps approach into work and training for our young people, we need your backing.
This is a plea for help. We know at this time it is difficult for people to give money, but it is for that very reason we need your help to make so many families lives that little bit easier.

If you are not able to support us financially, you may know of others who are able. Do you know of people or groups who would be willing to fundraise for us? People who would be willing to ask employers to consider us as a charity of the year or sponsor us in some way? Schools that would be willing to take part in an event such as a none uniform day or to sell Christmas cards, or are you a member of a church who would be willing to help us raise money? boxing_day_group_two

We can supply information about our groups and activities for any groups or individuals who are willing to help in our fundraising, as well as recognising their generosity through participation certificates.
We are passionate about seeing the young people we work with reaching their potential and achieving incredible things. If you share this passion, we encourage you to support us in any way you can.

Yours faithfully,

Joanne Fearn