Drama & Music

lamdalogo_000In addition to the other courses that we run, we also encourage young people to complete London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) awards if they are passionate about performing arts.

LAMDA state that ” Through examinations we empower and inspire individuals across the globe – providing them with a means to improve communication skills, increase self-confidence and develop strong social skills, regardless of their experience or ability…At LAMDA, we believe in the transformative power of the dramatic arts and the importance and value of drama in society. We strive to ensure the maximum possible access to LAMDA and all our activities for those who will benefit most.”

We recognise that many of the skills that children and young people acquire while they are growing up are often not recognised due to emphasis being placed upon academic subjects in school. Whilst we know education is important, we also believe that other aspects of children’s lives are equally as important, however are seldom recognised.  This is why we support people through their LAMDA qualifications; as we appreciate that these awards allow young people to flourish in their field on interest.

Lamda classes can include mine and small steps in speaking, therefore the qualifications are a good addition to speech therapy for many of our children at Gateway North East.

Laura Fearn, one of our team members at Gateway North East, has completed the LAMDA qualification herself (achieving a Distinction at Grade 7), and this enabled her to obtain a place at University, as opposed to following the traditional academic route.

For more information on the LAMDA please contact our CEO Joanne Fearn on 0191 5263112 or joanne@gatewaynortheast.org.uk