Focus Group

At Gateway North East we run Focus Schemes for ages 11 and upwards. These schemes are for those who, on top of attending our holiday schemes, would like to further their life skills. On joining the Focus scheme they are given a ‘Green polo shirt‘. They are encouraged to plan their own activities throughout the Holiday schemes, with support from their mentors.

The aim of the focus scheme is to ensure that young people have fun and enjoy their holidays but primarily to develop invaluable skills that will enable them to progress to the Stepping Out Programme small steps programme and community based volunteering. Along with this young people can work towards their ASDAN ‘Focus’ award. The young people are accredited for their achievements along the way.

The life skills we typically cover include using public transport, accessing public venues (shops, restaurants) and independent living skills (preparing food etc).


Every Green Top is allocated a mentor who will set tailored activities to suit the specific Green Top’s needs. Once their mentor feels they have accomplished their personal goals they have the opportunity to progress to a ‘Maroon Top‘ at the age of 14.