Ghana Project

When… 14th – 31st October

We are looking for donations of  yellow and white school uniform, summer dresses, yellow polo T shirts and educational books.

How this came about and what we will be doing:

3 years ago a number of our young people asked whether they could do some work with young people in Africa , they had been part of the ‘Send my friend’ campaign which was about the problem of the small proportion of children who have a disability that do not have access to education in the world especially in the developing world which is less than 2%. Those that do often do not have access to schools that are able to enable them to reach their full potential.

Over the following year we asked a number of charities and organisations if they could support us to set something up, but there were no charities willing to take young people with a disability or barrier to learning to Africa. Eventually the Ascension Trust agreed to support us to do a fact finding mission as part of their annual mission to Ghana.

In October 2017 we went to Accra with 5 people including 3 people with disabilities for 9 days. While we were there we went to a number of different schools and workshops and churches as well as meeting with the National Paralympics committee and going to a centre where prosthetic limbs are made. We took games equipment with us which we left and we puppets and boccia balls musical instruments. We saw how these schools were totally unresoursed , but we also saw the determination of these young people to learn how to support themselves. And some of the student teachers who wanted to join with us to make a difference in their communities.

While we were there we took items such as sanitary towels, soap, childrens socks  toothbrushes and tooth paste  to the Kayaya girls and their children, these children live on the dump in Accara, this also had a massive effect on the group.

Our hosts were amazing and we met some exceptional people while we were there. We even experienced a Day at Cape Coast learning about the history of Ghana.  We were able to experience eating traditional food, we even went to a funeral!

This was an amazing experience for all of our young people , we got the holiday schemes and other groups at gateway involved in Africa experience days, African Cooking, Drum workshops. But when we returned all those who went knew that this needed to be a regular event. It was a life changing experience for our group and we knew that this was something that we should enable other young people with a disability or barrier to learning to experience, be enabled to pass on their skills and to learn from the young people in Ghana.

Mission Trip 2018 

Throughout the year a number of young people and Adults have been working hard to enable the trip to happen . We went  to London to the Ascension trust in March to come up with a proposed programme and  some of our young people have been collecting items to take and money to pay for their place.  Some of the young people decided that they needed more time and will go next year, others have joined the team recently and are busy raising funds and getting people involved in collecting what we need and what various schools and churches have asked us for.

We would be really grateful if you were able to support our teams in any way with the final few weeks of fundraising and collecting of things for us to take.

What we still need to fundraise for?

Visas, luggage allowance, transport to and from the airport, contributions towards some of our young people, sun block and aftersun, insect repellant, malaria tablets, hats, t shirts. Things that we are taking with us to give to people.

What things do we need? 

Childrens crutches, brail writer, brail books, Easy read books, talkers, peks cards or widget cards, first aid equipment, childrens plaster, stickers, hope bags filled with useful things for each of the children (Like the shoebox things). Yellow childrens t shirts and sweat shirts, yellow childrens gingham school dresses, beads and ribbons and craft materials, coloured paper, school wall charts, letters and cards and photos from children in the uk. None liquid toiletries, small drawstring bags, recorders, and beginner music books, sports equipment, boccia balls, parachutes, puppets and small toys especially anything sensory. Things with lots of colour!

Please do what you can to help these amazing young people who are willing to do something that is totally out of their comfort zone. 

Donate Money                                                                                                                                        Donate things to take
Get your schools and community groups involved in writing letters and drawing pictures for the young people that we will meet.                                                                                                                 If you pray, please pray for us as we travel and as we enable each other.

1.Cheques to Gateway North East PO Box 209 Houghton –le-Spring DH4 9DF

2.Bacs to Gateway North East    Caf Bank Sort code 405240  Account number 00026748

3. By Pay Pal

4. Through Charity Bank  (Please ref on the back Ghana. Gift aid can be added in this way).

5. Drop any donated items off at Austin House (monday-wednesday 9-5) or Easington Lane Centre (monday-Friday 9-5) or telephone Joanne 07878510312

If you would like to follow what we are doing in ghana and over the next few weeks then please Sign up to our Facebook page or contact Joanne for our news letters

All those who have donated will receive a certificate and a report when we arrive back.