At Gateway Northeast we take 4 to 25 year olds out on residentials that involve your child being away for 1 day up to 7 days along side other children and staff members. Staff members have they same role on the residential as they would during the holiday scheme and will look after your child throughout their stay on the residential. Different residentials are tended to certain age groups due to the activities that are available at the site of the residential.

Our residential programme is developing and this year has seen an increase in the number of young people and families wanting to and needing to access alternatives to what is very expensive respite experiences.

We apply for grants and fundraise to keep the costs down. We also encourage families and carers to fundraise to enable these activities to happen and many of the leaders that go on residential are volunteers which again keeps costs down.

Please remember to book well in advance because some residentials are very popular.

As well as the residentials advertised there will also be other residentials throughout the year.

For more information please contact Joanne on 01915263112 or

For bookings email

2019 Residential Plans

Easter 2019

Week 2 Activity Venue Times Cost
Monday -Friday


Training week for Focus and small steps


and Spring Harvest Residential for young people and/or Families

Butlins Skegness 9am Monday-6pm Friday Variable depending on the break groups and circumstances of participants

Training week

One of the many positive aspects of young people going on residentials is that they learn to work as a team, and they learn independence skills away from home. On some of our residentials we also use this opportunity to enable our young people (11+) to try out their leadership skills in small supported and safe ways. This can include planning their menus and budgeting, programme planning, learning how to do risk assessments, learning how to keep safe, learning how to find their way around using key markers as well as basics like making their own bed and doing jobs in the chalet.  Of course, they also have lots of fun!!!!!!!!

Spring Harvest

This happens at the same time as the training week at the same venue, this is open to families as well as young people from the age of 8 Families are able to stay in their own chalet and young people are supervised and looked after i by appropriate adults in small groups of up to 3

Spring Harvest is a Christian Festival and they are also very generous in their support of families on low incomes and those who have family members who have a disability.

May Half Term 2019 Cliff College Festival

Activity Venue Age Cost
Friday 24th May – Tuesday 28th May Camping Cliff College, Bakewell Derbyshire 8+ years (max 20 young people) £150 per young person age 8+

Cliff festival is a mixture of camping and rooms, as a group we take young people from the age of 8 years to give them experience of camping, this is a Christian festival and young people take part in various activities. The advantage with this is that there are lots of people who are willing to help and support us when we are there, there is medical back up if required , we have access to accessible facilities and rooms when needed and lots of flexibility for activities onsite and offsite.

Summer Programme 2019

Soul Survivor Scotland

Activity Venue Ages Cost
 Saturday 20thJuly- Thursday 25th July Soul Survivor Scotland


Kinross 11+

(max14 young people)

Variable depending on the break groups and circumstances of participants (BTW youth group(under16) Free Accommodation)

Soul Survivor Scotland is open to all our young people who are aged 11 or over. This is a Christian Youth Festival. There is a large range of activities for young people to take part in including a silent disco 4 g swings and other outdoor activities.

Everyone who goes on this camp will be expected to support each other by being on a rota to help with various camp chores and each young person will be responsible for their own 2-person tent.

Kingsway Centre Middleton in Teesdale

Date Activity Venue Ages Cost
29th July-31st July Residential outdoor centre Kingsway outdoor centre 8+ years

(Max 12 children)


(Variable depending on the break, groups and circumstances of participants (BTW youth group(under16) Free Accommodation)

In 2019 we see a return to kingsway in Middleton in Teesdale for both some onsite activities /residentials and indoor arts and crafts. This will be a 2 night stay suitable for young people who would like to try the outdoors but sleep indoors, it is nearby so if a young person does not settle, they could go home for the night and return the next morning.

FSC Castle Head Grange over Sands Cumbria

  Activity Venue Ages Cost
Monday 12th August -Friday 16th August   FSC Castle Head Grange over Sands Cumbria 5 +   (max 4)

8+    (max 4)

11+   (max 5)

16+   (max 5)


(Variable depending on the break, groups and circumstances of participants (BTW youth group(under16) Free Accommodation)

This is suitable for young people who normally get chance to go on residential and require smaller groups or who would prefer to enjoy the outdoors with less strenuous activities such as photography, pond dipping, Eco projects, science projects, bird watching etc.  Most of the places for this holiday will be taken by invitation, however there are a few places available for anyone who wants to join them, and we are happy to take along a carer free of charge.

Dukes House Wood Kingswood Hexham

  Activity Venue Age groups Cost
Monday 19thAugust- Friday 23rd August 4 night residential including Activities Dukes House Woods Hexham 8+ who have been away from home before. This is open to any group that want to participate including carers (maximum 20)  Over 16s £120 per night)

Under 16s £45 per night) (£180)

(Variable depending on the break, groups and circumstances of participants)

Wednesday 21st August- Friday 23rd August  2 night residential including activities Dukes House Woods Hexham Gateway Stars and Mini Stars

Beyond the walls under 16s (max 16 children)

£20 transport costs
Thursday 22nd August-Friday 23rd August 1 night residential including activities Dukes House Woods Hexham 4-10-year old’s (max 8 children)



A favourite with many of our young people, this year we have tried to make things as flexible as we can and have even included carers should they wish to come. The reason for the high cost of over 18s is because of the cost of separate rooms.

Moor House One Night Camps

Dates Activity Venue age Cost
1st August 1-night camp 4.30pm-10am Moor House

West Rainton

5+  (max 3 children) 1:1ratio £10 bring your own food to cook
5th August 2-night camp 4.30-10am Thursday Moor House

West Rainton

5+  (max 6 children) £40 bring your own food to cook
8th August 1-night camp 4.30pm-10am Moor House

West Rainton

5+ (max 3 children) 1:1ratio £10 bring your own food to cook
28th August 1-night camp 4.30pm-10am Moor House

West Rainton

5+ (max 3 children) 1:1ratio £10 bring your own food to cook
29th August 1-night camp 4.30pm-10am Moor House

West Rainton

5+(maximum 3 children) 1:1ratio £10 bring your own food to cook
30th August 1-night camp 4.30pm-10am Moor House

West Rainton

5+(max 3 children) 1:1ratio £10 bring your own food to cook

Feed back over the last few years of residentials has shown that there is a need for shorter 1 night breaks for young people that local and which give a small step introduction to camping for anyone who wants to go which is not dependent on level of ability and does not cost a lot of money.

Each participant is given their own tent and their own support worker/helper. They arrive at approx. 4.30pm and put their tents they also organize their food and then are able to explore with their support worker, during this time each young person will learn how to cook the food that they have brought for their tea and will prepare it with their support worker. After which they will wash up get washed and ready for bed. we then have a small campfire together where we tell jokes and stories and then the children go to bed in their own tents. All the tents are close together and next to their support worker. In the morning. wash and get dressed, make breakfast with their support workers, wash up, pack up take down the tent and then parents/carers collect them at 10am.

This is something that we tried last year and where we received good feedback, most who participated had never camped before and most had never been away from home before, some went to more house before hand just to see where they would be going and to talk through everything.

These short camps are mainly run by volunteers which is why we are able to keep the cost so low.

Camping equipment loan

Gateway has camping equipment that we are happy to let families borrow when we are not using it (we use it, 1st week of summer holidays and late may bank holiday weekend)

We have a number of 2 person 4 person, and 2 ten person tents

We have cookers and gas bottles, lilos sleeping bags, tables chairs, camp kitchen pots and pans etc. electric hook up, small and large gazebo, benches.

We are happy to loan this out on a donations basis however if there is damage then we would ask the borrower to replace or fix the damage. We would also expect tents to be dried out before return and any equipment used to be cleaned before return.

Autumn Residentials

Residential Centre Kielder Northumberland

Date Activity Venue Age Cost
20th-22nd September Outdoor activities Residential Centre Kielder Northumberland 8+ (maximum 12) £120

Opportunity for young people age 8 and over to stay in a fully accessible centre with fully accessible activities. (carer’s are welcome). TBC. (Priority will be given to those with complex needs and Carers).

Ghana 2019

Date Activity Venue Age group cost
14th October- 22nd October 1.Aboom Special School Cape Coast, 2. Cape Coast School for the deaf and the blind

3.Cape Coast Castle

4. Hope works special Project

Cape Coast Ghana

West Africa

14+ £800-£1000

This is to be subsidised through fundraising

October 23rd -31st 1.Castle Road Special School ,2. Kayaya project, 3. Boccia/crafts day at New Horizons Special School

4. Hope Works Special project

Accra, Ghana West Africa 16+ £800-£1000 This is to be subsidised through fundraising



Over the last 2 years Gateway have made links with and built up relationships with Hope Works Ghana a charity who works with young people in Ghana giving them hope and a future. Last year we introduced them to SEN, and they are now involving other overseas organizations to help to support children and young people with Special Needs in Ghana.

Hope works arranged accommodation and transport for us, and we also had Grace Anobil who we met 2 years ago when she was a student Teacher in a Special School in Accra for the full time that we were there.

The purpose of the trip is for our young people to encourage young people in Ghana and for the young people in Ghana to encourage our young people. It all came about when our young people said that they wanted to be able to help others in poorer countries like their friends did, there were no charities who were willing to enable them to do this  Over the last two years we have taken 3 small groups of young people to Ghana.

This year Grace will be coming to the UK to Gateway and will help our young people to prepare for the trip. Each group will have a maximum of 4 young people and 4 Adults who have experience of working with young people with SEN in some way.

Week 1

This will be based mainly in Cape Coast. This is a place famous for the castles where slaves were kept until they were put on ships and bought and sold around the world. During the trip those who go on week 1 will have the opportunity to visit one of the Castles.

We will be volunteering for 2 or 3 days working with the young people at Aboom special school and 2 days at the School for the deaf and blind doing stories and sport. On Sunday we will take part in a Christian service at a local church and hopefully some training event for young people and families during this time.

We also hope to be able to visit a Kayaya project with Patrick who runs Hope works.

Week 2

Week 2 we will be based in Castle Road School which is a school for young people with a learning disability it is full time residential School in a psychiatric hospital,

We will visit a private day special school called new horizons where we will run a sports day and we will also visit another Kayaya project with Patrick On Sunday we will take part in a Christian service at a local church and hopefully some training event for  young people and families during this time.  There will be a day for some sightseeing and going to the Mall. You will be able to see two very different sides of Accra.

This year each group will be taking with them some second-hand artificial limbs for another charity.

Flights will be with Brussels Airline

All visas and tickets need to be sent off for and paid for by the end of August.

All participants will be expected to help fundraise towards the trip and Gateway will support them to do this.

Winter Residentials

February Half Term

Focus Small Steps and Stepping Out Independent Living Training Weekend

Date Activity Venue Age Cost
Monday 17th February-Friday 21st February Haven Caravan holiday or Butlins Skegness TBC Berwick or Skegness 8+ (Variable depending on the break, groups and circumstances of participants)

Other Residentials

Date Activity Venue Age Cost
March 2020 weekend North Sea Mini Cruise to Bruges Bruges Belgium 14+ (Variable depending on the break, groups and circumstances of participants)

Stars and mini stars will have an overnight sleepover at the Easington Lane centre in December

Family will have the opportunity to apply for a family holiday through us in January if they have not had a family holiday in 4 years. These happen in September-November each year and are 3-4 nights

We will be running a family Holiday in 2020 to Forest Holidays in North Yorkshire

Beyond the Walls and Diamonds groups will have a weekend together each year which will be determined by each group.


Gateway clothing can be ordered from the Gateway Office

Child Adult
T Shirts Price – £5 Price – £10
Polo Shirts Price – £5 Price – £10
Hoodies Price – £10 Price – £15
Gateway Baseball Caps Price – £5 Price – £5
Rain Jacket Price – £10 Price – £15
Winter Hat Price – £5 Price – £5
Fleece Price – £10 Price £15

Please note that children can wear any colours except Navy, Royal Blue Red Maroon and Green


All residentials must be secured with a £10 nonreturnable deposit at least 2 weeks before departure. And arrangements for final payments should be made no later than 1 week before departure.  Please book at

Please note we will never refuse a child on the basis of finance. We have lots of ways that we may be able to help you. If you do have any problems, please contacts Joanne or Andy to discuss in confidence

Feedback and the future

It would be good to have next years programme for residentials out by Christmas, if there are any ideas that you or your children have about the sort of breaks that they would like please let me know and I will look at what is available and funding options. It is important that we get constructive feedback so that we can try and respond to need and ensure that everyone gets the most beneficial break for their family.


We are always happy to have volunteers on residentials who have experience of working with young people with a disability or barrier to learning. If you would like to Volunteer, please get in touch with Joanne or Gary for an application form. (subject to satisfactory DBS and references)