Spiritual Support

Part of our constitution is to offer spiritual support. We acknowledge that the spiritual aspect in the lives of many of our families is very important to them and that as an organisation we should support every part of our participants lives.


We are starting to build a database of faith groups and organisations who are accessible to young people and families affected by disabilities in order to signpost  people to relevant groups. We are also offering training and encouragement to faith groups who would like to become more accessible to young people and families affected by disability. We would like to encourage all faith groups to support what we are doing at Gateway North East.

Support a Family Prayer Cards

Additionally, over the next two years we will be rolling out prayer cards. This will take the shape of involving and educating churches and spiritual centres in disability. Under this scheme the relevant church will receive limited information about a child with a disability whom we work with; such as their name and their birthday. They will then be asked to pray specifically for that individual. There will be opportunities for those praying for the family or individual to send birthday cards and regular letters to the family which will be via Gateway North East, to ensure that safeguarding is adhered to.  The recipients can also join in by sending pictures and drawings etc back to their supporter. The prayer cards work to provide support and encouragement to families of disabled children. We trailed this scheme at Cliff College Festival in May 2015 and it had a good success rate, so we are rolling it out again. In this scheme people will opt in to receive information and updates about a child or family who we work with. Please contact Joanne Fearn for more information on 0191 526 3112.

Through the Roof:

We are at present working with Through the Roof on their roofbreaker project which will encourage people to become a link person in their congregation for disability issues.


The idea is to enable young people with a disability to be able to participate in overseas aid and mission projects in the same way that their peers do. We are trying to show others with a disability that their lives are important and that having a disability or a barrier to learning is not a barrier to living an exciting,  fulfilling and successful life. This trip will revolve around helping disadvantaged people with disabilities build homes in their local area. Additionally, as part of this scheme we are going to arrange for people who have a connection with the Christian church to be able to meet up for mutual support and encouragement  a number of times each year. Alongside this, we will develop an accessible Christian worship and groups for families and young people with a disability or barrier to learning.

For more information on this project, please visit:

www.throughtheroof.org info@throughtheroof.org   www.facebook.com/throughtheroof

Light Parties

Lastly we run Light Parties each Halloween (October 31st) to celebrate the occasion in a more positive way. We enourage participants to wear fancy dress (Superhero and princess themed) and we provide festive food to suit the occasion. We will be running these parties again at the Gateway Centre, Apolostic Church, Elemore Lane, Easington Lane, Houghton le Spring DH4 9DF

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For more information on any of the above schemes and projects please contact Joanne Fearn for more details: joanne@gatewaynortheast.org.uk